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Prayer for Nepal
24 พฤษภาคม พ.ศ. 2558

Thai–Indian–Nepalese Buddhist Missionaries, Dhammakaya Foundation and the International Buddhist Organizations arranged the Ceremonies of Chanting “Prayer for Nepal,”

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Help for Nepal at the villages of Jitpur and Balambu
17 พฤษภาคม พ.ศ. 2558

Dhammakaya Meditation Center in Nepal works on the ground to assist the Nepal earthquake victims at the villages of Jitpur and Balambu

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Almshouses for Victims of Nepal
10 พฤษภาคม พ.ศ. 2558

The Dhammakaya Foundation Delivers 150,000 Liters of Drinking Water to the Affected Victims of Nepal and sets up Almshouses to offer Meals and Necessities

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Nepal: Earthquake in Lalitpur
6 พฤษภาคม พ.ศ. 2558

Venerable Thavorn Thavaro, together with volunteers from the Dhammakaya Foundation led by Phra Thepyanmahamuni (Luang Phor Dhammachayo), set up an almshouse to prepare meals for the Nepal earthquake victims at Japakaw Village in Lalitpur City.

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Wat Phra Dhammakaya denied the reporting.
13 กุมภาพันธ์ พ.ศ. 2558

Wat Phra Dhammakaya denies all claims pertaining to the construction of a cetiya in Chiang Rai.

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Buddhist Tradition
27 ธันวาคม พ.ศ. 2557

Ven. Dattajivo, the vice abbot of the Wat Phra Dhammakaya, has said: “Before beginning any work, we must first ask ourselves these questions: ‘what,’ ‘how,’ and especially ‘why’”.

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Honoring Most Venerable Phrarajbhavanajahn
7 ธันวาคม พ.ศ. 2556

Most Venerable Phrabhavanaviriyakhun (Ven. Dattajeevo Bhikkhu), Vice Abbot of Wat Phra Dhammakaya, Patumthani, will be honored with the new royal monastic title of Phrarajbhavanajahn (Vi.)

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Kathina-Robe Offering Ceremony 2556 B.E
26 ตุลาคม พ.ศ. 2556

Kathina-robe offering ceremony generally takes place at Buddhist temples/monasteries with a minimum of five monks in residence that have each achieved strict compliance with the Lent.

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96 Years of Dhammakaya Knowledge
18 กันยายน พ.ศ. 2556

Dhammakaya is the body of enlightenment of the Lord Buddha and “vijja” is the true knowledge; together, “vijja Dhammakaya” means the true and supreme knowledge illuminated by the Dhammakaya vision.

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Visakha Puja Day (Vesak)
20 พฤษภาคม พ.ศ. 2556

Visakha Puja Day is one of the most important days in Buddhism and for Buddhists. It is the day Buddhists assemble to commemorate the life of the Buddha, and to give reverence to His purity, profound wisdom and immense compassion for all humankind and living beings by reflecting and using His teachings as guidelines for their lives.

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Visakha Puja Day Ceremony 2013
20 พฤษภาคม พ.ศ. 2556

Schedule of Visakha Puja Day Ceremony at Wat Phra Dhammakaya, Friday 24th May 2013

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Enshrinement of the Gold Statue of the Great Master Phramongkolthepmuni (Sodh Candasaro)
24 มีนาคม พ.ศ. 2556

The Great Master, known by many as Luang Pu Wat Paknam Bhasicharoen, affirmed after attaining the Dhammakaya that seeing and knowing the truth was indeed possible. He compared the knowledge gained from the Dhammakaya Knowledge with the Tripitaka and various Buddhist scriptures, and discovered that it was identical and without any deviation.

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Dhammachai Dhutanga Program - Second Year
2 มกราคม พ.ศ. 2556

This year the Dhammachai Dhutanga Organizing Committee has arranged another pilgrimage from 2nd – 27th January 2013 so that students and the general public can come welcome the 1,128 venerable monks from throughout Thailand making the journey and practice meditation.

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Ceremony to Honor the Most Venerable Phrabhavanaviriyakhun in Recognition of His 72nd Birthday
16 ธันวาคม พ.ศ. 2555

As the 72nd anniversary of the Most Venerable Phrabhavanaviriyakhun’s (Luang Por Dattajeevo) – Vice Abbot of the Dhammakaya Temple, birthday approaches, it is of great honor and privilege for his disciples, comprised of venerable monks, novice monks, laymen and laywomen, and the general public, to recognize the benevolence and kindness of this magnanimous human being for his complete devotion to Buddhism and the vast knowledge he has imparted on us

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Ceremony of Driving the Last Concrete Pile Inaugurating the Memorial Hall of Phramongkolthepmuni
4 กุมภาพันธ์ พ.ศ. 2549

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