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Earth Day

“Earth Day”

The spark of the idea for the Earth Day was back in 1962 by the U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson who later was the founder of Earth Day. Over 40 years afterward, the Earth has been gaining protection… Before the environmental issue was added into the world limelight, the huge grassroots all across the world had already been concerned about the evidence of environment degradation but the politicians were not. Therefore, without skepticism, earth issue simply had never been found on any nation’s political agenda. Fortunately, the idea for Earth Day took 7 years from its initiation to become reality. Senator Nelson decided to organize a nationwide grassroots demonstration for the sake of the environment. The increasing concerns about the environmental crisis drew massive crowd to the parade. It was obvious that the activity was headed for a spectacular success on Earth Day in September 1970. Thus, on 22nd April 1970, Earth Day was held for the first time in human history. American Heritage Magazine, October 1993 recalled it as “one of the most remarkable happening in the history of democracy.” As the result of this awakening, the environment of the earth was thrust into every nation’s political mainstream – environmental policies and programs. The key question remains, “Has this planet earth released from threat?” The answer is obvious, “No.” As we all know nuclear weapons are still widely developed. Genocide takes place in many corners of the world. On the social front - to mention a few - human lives are attacked by natural disasters, crimes, narcotics, NH5, AIDS, etc. The world is running toward the breakdown in the near future. It is inevitable to say that in all critical state of the earth, we ourselves are part of the problems! Discussions, conferences and talks have been made in seeking for the solution. The Buddhist philosophy has a key on human problems. The Buddhists believe that one’s good action is derived from one’s good quality of mind. To give our mind good quality, Buddhism shows the method of cultivation i.e. via “Meditation.” Meditation is the “Culture of Peace.” Meditation aims at making a still mind. Such mind is powerful that can expand and radiate. The wave of compassion is transmitted through the atmosphere to all beings in all directions. Meditators themselves create peace inside. Radiation of peaceful mind embraces the environment creating peace all around. That is why Buddhists see the mind as a tool to create world peace because through the inner peace in the heart of every world citizen, world peace can be made possible. On the Earth Day at Dhammakaya Temple, may people of the Earth come and meditate together. Just allow the mind to centre itself in the centre of the body. Relax and let go. Let time pass by for a while. In addition, the Earth Day anniversary this year will be highlighted by the Casting Ceremony of 100,000 Buddha Images. The cast images will be enshrined at the Dhammakaya Cetiya . where in the future will be the venue for 1,000,000 (one million) meditators to assemble on Earth Day. One million peaceful minds create a wonderful peaceful world. As such, the Earth will be taken care of on the Earth Day by means of meditation. Give yourself a chance of first-hand experience of this amazing Culture of Peace. Give yourself a try in meditation. Get impressed by Thainess that’s hardly available elsewhere. We are looking forward to welcoming all the guests to the Culture of Peace.    
09.30 am. Chanting and mass meditation led by Phrarajbhavanavisudh
11.00 am. Lunch Offering Ceremony to monks
11.15 am. Lunch Break
02.00 pm. Phrarajbhavanavisudh leads 100,000 lay followers in meditation as a bliss to the Grand Meditation Amphitheatre.
02.45 pm. Sustenance Offereing Ceremony to monks from 10,000 templesnationwide, seated in line for 16 kilometres. Listening to the holy Dhammachak Kappa Vattana Sutta chanting.
05.00 pm. Mass meditation, followed by the Ceremony of Casting 100,000 Buddha Images to be enshrined in the Maha Dhammakaya Cetiya in the heart of the World Dhammakaya Centre.
06.00 pm. Attendants receive souveniours in memory of the event.
06.30 pm. End

Photo Gallery

Welcome to Earth Day events

Morning chanting and mass meditation

Part of 50,000 monks on the way to their seats.

Monks and people meditated together before the offers.

Laypeople offered Sanghadhana (Sustenance) to monks from over 10,000 temples nationwide.

circumambulation procession to celebrate the inauguration of the Grand Meditation Amphitheatre lead by the senior monks

Endless flow of people celebrate the inauguraton of the Grand Meditation Amphitheatre via the circumambulation

Crowded by worshippers who witnessed and participated in the Buddha Images Casting Ceremony (to be enshrined in the Dhammakaya Cetiya)

Metal ball pieces were finally casted. Dhammakaya Buddha Images were casted and will be enshrined in the Dhammakaya Cetiya.

Fireworks celebrating the Earth Day 2006 at Dhammakaya Cetiya (Dhammakaya Temple), Thailand

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