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Devoted their lives to the ordination

This Vesakha Puja day, 4 June 2012, 12 novices will offer thier lives to the monkhood by undergoing the ordination for life.

Samanera Komsak Muangsanit

Pali Level 4 Date of Ordination: April 7th, 2544 (2001) Monastic Title: Samatiyajayo, which means one who is victorious through his capabilities

Motto in Dharma: In life, one can lose, but one can never give up. If giving up is compared to a coal, then victory would be a diamond.

Personal Thoughts: You do not need to fly as high as others but fly within your limits. The way we fly does not need to be like others, we only need to reach our dreams. Living the novice life, you never knew what obstacles you would encounter or things that are unknown. Sometimes the path we chose is not as smooth as we imagined; fortunately, my teaching monks were there to teach and guide us on how to proceed in life. They taught me about endurance – to pick yourself up if you fall; to never surrender or retreat if you encountered obstacles; and to fight using your mind, your heart, and virtues.

Samanera Aniruj Gumpha

Pali Level 3 Date of Ordination: April 20th, 2545 (2002) Monastic Title: Rujannajayo, which means one who gains prosperity through victory. Motto in Dharma: It’s easy to do good deeds, but much harder to keep yourself virtuous all the time.

Personal Thoughts: I am so grateful for the opportunity to pursue Perfections with the Dhammakaya community and have encountered many wonderful things. The ten years that I’ve been ordained as a novice have gone by so fast; it feels like it was only yesterday when I ordained. I might have felt discouraged at times, but I never gave up because it is natural for obstacles to arise during the pursuit of Perfection; however, obstacles are there for us to overcome.

Samanera Somboon Thajaya

Pali Level 3 Date of Ordination: April 20th, 2545 (2002) Monastic Title: Sammajayo, which means one who is victorious through virtues Motto in Dharma: Determination, sincerity and devotion to performing virtues

Personal Thoughts: The entire time during my pursuit of Perfections, I am so grateful to Luang Por Dhammajayo for his kindness and constant support of my pursuit and self training. There were times when I felt exhausted, disheartened and discouraged, but whenever I look at Luang Por Dhammajayo and his dedication to the pursuit of Perfections, I am motivated to go forward. This life of a monk will be the final lifestyle in the cycle of existence.

Samanera Phakbhumi Piewkrieng

Pali Level 4 Date of Ordination: April 7th, 2544 (2001) Monastic Title: Thissajayo, which means one who is victorious under the Triple Gem Motto in Dharma: To try a hundred times is better than to give up even before trying. Ordain to pursue Perfections.

Personal Thoughts: I am so grateful and happy to have been able to pursue Perfections at such a young age. I now understand why we were born; what our goals in life are; and the chance to study the teachings of the Lord Buddha. Through it all, I am most proud of the fact that I was one of the novices under Luang Por Dhammajayo’s guidance for the last eleven years. Our mentor monks have strictly trained us in the monastic codes and disciplines and the various duties, all of which require patience and perseverance. There were occasions when my mind and body felt tired and weak, but once I stopped to think about Luang Por Dhammajayo and his determination to fulfill his mission in life, I am instantly inspired to continue my own pursuit of Perfections.

Samanera Phitak Chitchak

Pali Level 4 Date of Ordination: April 25th, 2549 (2006) Monastic Title: Gunthajayo which means one who is admired for his victory Motto in Dharma: Make today better than yesterday.

Personal Thoughts: I recall wanting to be ordained since I was four years old and I was ordained at the Dhammakaya Temple after completing the 9th grade. I have been well trained and disciplined by the teaching monks. I believe that the secular world has a great deal of dangers and suffering, and very little happiness. Therefore, I have always wanted to devote myself to the lifelong commitment of a higher ordination. I have the intention to train and cultivate myself in order to help preserve Buddhism and the Dhammakaya Knowledge. I want lead people who are still in the dark into brightness, just like the sun turning darkness into light.

Samanera Chokechai Noklair

Pali Level 6 Date of Ordination: April 4th, 2546 (2003) Monastic Title: Sirintajayo, which means one who is victorious through good fortune Motto in Dharma: Today’s failure is a ladder to tomorrow’s successes.

Personal Thoughts: As heirs to the Buddha, our lifestyle is different from most people in the world and may be viewed by some as a lifestyle that closes you considerably from secular knowledge and restricts personal growth in the worldly sense. How can this be true? Luang Por Dhammajayo often reminds us that as novices, we are the ones who are fortunate, not unfortunate. For ten years in my pursuit of Perfections, I can validate Luang Por Dhammajayo’s words to be absolutely true and accurate. There were many lessons and guidance that I received, whether they’re in the area of respect, discipline or endurance. Those days quickly turned from months to years. The period helped transform me from someone who lived his life aimlessly to a person who now values his precious time on Earth; from going through life absent of aims or determination to a person with clear goals and direction. My bad habits also have diminished. The training filtered out and cultivated the virtues needed for this path of righteousness. All these things only confirm that we really were the fortunate ones who were given the opportunities.

Samanera Ekkaraj Kimnguansong

Pali Level 6 Date of Ordination: April 30th, 2547 (2004) Monastic Title: Pratanajayo, which means one who is victorious through perseverance. Motto in Dharma: Do not live your life like the hands on a clock that always return to the same spot they started from.

Personal Thoughts: Since joining the Dhammakaya community, I always felt a strong sense of brotherhood and unity regardless of our background; and it grew stronger, making us feel as if we shared the same bloodline. When confronted with obstacles, we overcome them together and give each other support. The difficulties may sometimes discourage us, but we never thought of retreating. We remind ourselves, “We’ve chosen this path; we will keep moving forward and will not stop until we reach our destination.” Our teaching monks always taught and encouraged us to endure all types of situations – just or unjust, so that we will be prepared for future situations that may be far worst. I have remained a novice because I want give myself the opportunity for a higher ordination. I have waited for this day where I can go from being a novice to an ordained monk and assist Luang Por Dhammajayo with his mission to propagate the Dhammakaya Knowledge to the world.

Samanera Nakarin Narongsri

Pali Level 3 Ordination Date: April 10th, 2547 (2004) Monastic Title: Narintajayo, which means one who is victorious through greatness Motto in Dharma: Let go of attachments. The past is yesterday; the present is today and the future is not known.

Personal Thoughts: The novice life requires a lot of sacrifices and we may give up certain secular activities like going out and having fun; however, we get the opportunity to live the life of a pursuer of Perfections. During our self-training, we have to adhere to strict guidelines during our self-training, but they’re never stressful. We learn to cultivate self-discipline as preparation to enter the lifetime commitment of the higher ordination. I would like to sincerely thank Uncle Somdet and Auntie Kanokwan Songin for being my virtuous friends and encouraging me to ordain as a novice so that I can pursue Perfections with Luang Por Dhammajayo, Luang Por Dattajeevo and the Dhammakaya Community.

Samanera Prajak Boonyarit

Pali Level 5 Ordination Date: April 8th, 2549 (2006) Monastic Title: Boonyittijayo, which means one who is victorious through the fruits of merits Motto in Dharma: If one do not perform any good, wholesome deeds, then living to be a hundred would be insignificant.

Personal Thoughts: Every minute of the past six years I was ordained as a novice and a disciple to Luang Por Dhammajayo has been a wonderful honor. I had the chance to train myself under instructions and guidance from kind teaching and mentor monks. From the first year joining the program where I was just a young novice, I have grown into the role of a mentor to many younger novices for I am someone who is respected, disciplined and persevering. And today, I am ready to do my part in helping Luang Por Dhammajayo propagate Buddhism and the Dhammakaya Knowledge to the whole world.

Samanera Patana Danoom

Pali Level 6 Ordination Date: April 9th, 2547 (2004) Monastic Title: Padrajayo, which means one who is victorious through prosperity Motto in Dharma: Obstacle is only one part of life, not everything because life should be devoted to pursuing Perfections.

Personal Thoughts: I would like to thank all the teaching and mentor monks for their guidance and encouragement for the past 8 years that I have pursued Perfections with the Dhammakaya community. I also would like to thank my parents and all the relatives for their support during this entire time. And I would like to offer my highest respect and appreciation to Luang Por Dhammajayo for allowing me to pursue Perfections with the Dhammakaya community and for showing me that we were born to attain Nivana, accumulate merits, and pursue Perfections. It makes me happy and proud to say that I am the lucky one who has been given the opportunity to pursue Perfections at such a young age.

Samanera Lar Putong

Pali Level 7 Ordination Date: April 7th, 2545 (2002) Monastic Title: Vichitjayo, which means a stupendous victory Motto in Dharma: Win or Lose, always be ready to fight.

Personal Thoughts: During the entire ten years that I’ve lived the novice life, I had the chance to cultivate patience and self-discipline on a daily basis. If I wished for something hot, I received something cold; and vice versa. Every activity has a lesson to be learned. The time went by rapidly, as days quickly turned into months and years; and as one year became ten years. It has been a fun and joyful time spent pursuing Perfections and training myself. There may have been times when I felt a little down, but I never felt like giving up because Luang Por Dhammajayo and Luang Por Dattajeevo were always there to inspire me. I also had caring teaching monks available to teach and encourage me and novice friends ready to cheer me up. The day of my higher ordination is the day that I have been looking forward to because I will be able to fully dedicate myself - mind and body - towards Buddhism. I am ready to be on the front line of the Dhamma Brigade. Every grain of rice and every drop of soup that Luang Por Dhammajayo has provided will not be for wasted; I will wholeheartedly devote my life to Buddhism. I will help Luang Por Dhammajayo spread Buddhism throughout the world and be a source of brightness to humankind.

Samanera Bhandit Kitthivajarakul

Pali Level 3 Ordination Date: April 4, 2546 (2003) Monastic Title: Bhanditajayo, which means one who is victorious through wisdom Motto in Dharma: Trying for the hundredth time is far better than giving up even before you start.

Personal Thoughts: The confident second step follows the first misstep; an assured second step overshadows the first misstep. Since the first time I joined the Dhammakaya community I’ve always felt the warmth and kindness. Here, I learned about the highest goal of life and why we were born. I witnessed the complete dedication of our Great Masters in their pursuits of Perfections. Thus, I decided to ordain as a novice and became a disciple of Luang Por Dhammajayo. The lessons I’ve learned and the training I’ve received have reaffirmed my goal in life to this day. There were many obstacles along the way, but I see myself like a mountain climber where every step affected your life and the slightest error can lead to your demise. Every step I took here was a giant step towards overcoming my feelings. I learned how to train myself to be a role model for others, and although I may not be one yet, I am prepared to continue to train myself to walk on the path like other pursuers of Perfections.

“All the novices would like to sincerely thank Luang Por Dhammajayo and Luang Por Dattajeevo for giving us a new life on this path of Dhamma, providing constant support, being wonderful role models, and encouraging us towards the pursuit of Perfections. We want to thank all our teaching and mentor monks who were always there to teach and guide us tirelessly, and all the novice friends for their constant support. We also wish to thank and rejoice in the merits of our parents, who have given us life and this human form in order to pursue Perfections. Lastly, we want to offer our appreciation to all our relatives and everyone for their continued support and kindness.”

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