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The Earth Day Celebration

The Earth Day Celebration the Assembly of 100,000 Monks 22nd April, 2008 Wat Phra Dhammakaya, Thailand

The Earth Day celebration was founded in 1970 in order to inform the world the urgency of protecting the earth’s environment. This event is annually recognized on the 22nd April. Besides the world’s confrontation in environmental deterioration, nowadays, people are facing such menaces as the violence and conflict that often drive many countries into civil and international warfare. According to these problems, many organizations have several campaigns towards the protection of the planet.

In Thailand, the majority of the population is the Buddhist. The Buddhist culture nurtures the peaceful Thai souls. At the break of each new dawn, Thai people prepare such alms as rice and other recipes for the monks, and they meditate before going to work. The peace takes over the hearts of Thais since the early hours of the day. Alms offering to 20,000 temples: substantiation of the legend of peace At the root of their culture, Thai people regard the monks as the ones who seek inner peace by means of meditation. With food and other necessities given by laypeople through the alms, it is the energy for the monastic members to continue their study of the Lord Buddha’s teachings. The teachings and know-how of peace then are passed on to the people. Monks have been the teachers of meditation over thousands of years.

This is the living legend of peace. The Earth Day celebration here at Dhammakaya Temple is to continue the legend of peace. The offering of necessities to over 100,000 monks from 20,000 temples will be the main focus. We all need peace. The monks are the teachers of meditation which is the root of peace. To assist monks to continue this mission is to substantiate the legend of peace. A noble tribute: 222 Buddha Statues to Sri Lanka To tighten bilateral co-operation between Sri Lanka and Thailand, Abbot Dhammajayo is sending 222 Buddha statues to 222 temples in Sri Lanka.

This is the picture of peace taken place on the Earth Day at the Dhammakaya Temple, Pathumthaini Thailand. Wars and Peace: Phrarajbhavanavisudh (Abbot Dhammajayo) has been tirelessly doing his peace work for 40 years. He emphasizes the importance of the cultivation of the mind via the meditation. Peace comes from the peaceful mind. War comes from the furious mind. War and Peace share the same origin. The only way to stop war and create World Peace is to create peace in one’s mind. Meditation is just the key.

Luang Phaw Dhammajayo The abbot of the Dhammakaya Temple

On the Earth Day, it is an opportunity to be part of the legend of peace. Here is the schedule:


Morning Session At The Dhammakaya Assembly Hall
08.30 am. Morning Chanting
09.30 am. Mass meditation led by Luang Phor Dhammajayo
11.00 am. Ceremony of Offering the Dhammakaya Buddha Images Ceremony of Offering Lunch to the monks
11.15 am. Lunch break
Afternoon Session At The Grand Meditation Stadium
12.45 pm. Proceed to the Grand Meditation Stadium
02.00 pm. Alms offering to 100,000 monks from 20,000 temples Ceremony of Offering 222 Buddha Images to reside over 202 temples in Sri Lanka
04.00 pm. End of Afternoon session
Evening Session At The Grand Meditation Square
04.50 pm. Proceed to the ceremonial area
05.00 pm. Ceremony of Casting the Dhammakaya Buddha Images Fireworks
06.00 pm. End of Evening Session

Photo Gallery

Registration and Welcome to the Earth Day Ceremony

Meditation Session and Ceremony of Offering Lunch to the monks

Ceremony of Offering 222 Buddha Images to reside over 202 temples in Sri Lanka

Alms offering to 100,000 monks from 20,000 temples

Ceremony of Casting the Dhammakaya Buddha Images and Fireworks

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